In the context of the urgent need for socialization of sports of Ho Chi Minh city in the early opening period in 1986, professional table tennis sportsmen of Ho Chi Minh city, together with Department of Sports & Physical Education   and the Sports Newspaper of Ho Chi Minh city jointly founded the "Golden Racket Table Tennis Tournament" and was officially launched in 1987. At the beginning, it was an extended sport event of Ho Chi Minh City, and then it has taken place regularly for consecutive 27 years with scale and quality developing better and better. 

In the first years (1987 – 1989), "Golden Racket" quickly rose to become a table tennis tournament nationwide with scale, quality, and prestige in the national competition system. From the fourth event (1990) on, it made a leap to become an international table tennis tournament with the participation of the players from Korea (Samsung). Since then on, "Golden Racket" has been the only one taking place every year in Vietnam, and it has been entering the 30th time in 2016. The breakthrough of "Golden Racket" has opened a new era full of vitality for sports of Ho Chi Minh City during the opening period; simultaneously it contributed as a premise for series of other international sports competition brought out into Hochiminh city. 

Since the participation of foreign delegations, the scale of the tournament year after year is always higher and higher about number, quality, as well as expertise organization capacity creating more opportunities to players in contact to learn each other, a long- standing desire of Vietnam players and professional sport circles.

  • At the 4th tournament (1990), 5th one (1991) with the presence of teams of Samsung (Korea) and Central Sports Academy of Moscow (former USSR) seem merely indicative relation, friendship in initial open period of country’s sports sector. 
  • At the sixth time (1992), in addition to South Korea (Samsung) and Russia (Skip Club) it has appeared many other countries in the region and Asia such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
  • At the seventh time (1993), It began to appear representative of the first leading powers of the world of table tennis of China: Guangzhou City team. 
  • To the eighth event (1994), there are more players from France. 
  • From 9th event (1995) and the following ones are always gathered together a lot of really powerful rackets in the world such as Liu Guo Zheng, Malin, Dam Thuy Ngo, Lizhao, Ding Yi (Shantou) is members of the Chinese now; Li Ching, Kolaichak, Zhang Yu, Tang Peng, Leung Chu Yan (male), Tie Yana, Wong Ching, Lau Sui Fei, Li Ling (female) … of Hong Kong selection team; Song Joon Park, Oh Sang Eun, Joo Sae Hyuk, Lee Jung Woo (Korea Team) Chiang Peng Lung, Chang Yuan Su, Kuo Chin Shang (male), Xu Jing, Tsui Hsui Li, Chen Chia Tan, Bai Hui Yin (female) of Taiwan; The player Gao Ning, Yang Zi (male), Jing Jun Hong, Li Jia Wei (third class of World Olympic in 2000 & 2004) … of Singapore …

With the presence of the top ranking rackets in the world has increased in quality and prestige of “Gold Racket” more outstanding. Through contacting with them, the most powerful players of Southeast Asia countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia … have the opportunity to try and draw experiences for entering in official tournaments like Southeast Asian Sports Games (SEA Games) and Southeast Asian Table Tennis championships. 

In 2006, the 20th Event had plus India Team and Austria team; and 2008 with Japan team.

Especially since 2009 it was renamed "The Open Golden Racket International Table Tennis Tournament", it has been recognized as the tournament belonging to the system of world ranking by ATTU and ITTF. This became the common pride of all table tennis sportsmen in particular and Sports of Vietnam in general.

Together with event – organizing firms, and especially, from 24th – 2010 Tournament, there has a coordination with a potential economic group – the National Oil and Gas Corporation of Vietnam, a Joint Venture Vietnam – Russia (VIETSOVPETRO) via Petro Vietnam Sports – Culture Corporation (PSCC).

      Since then it has opened a new initiative direction, The Table Tennis Federation of Ho Chi Minh City applied to the General Department of Sport and Physical Education, Table Tennis Federation of Vietnam for permit to hire foreign players playing for PETRO VIETNAM and VIETSOPETRO club in the event of “Golden Racket”. This was a first successful test, a step of good momentum spreading excitingly to other economic groups, sectors, and localities for the socialization of professional table tennis of Vietnam that has been performed successfully past time by football, volleyball.   

A highlight of the Golden Racket tournament from birth date to now is that the Organizing Committee of the Tournament, the Table Tennis Federation of Ho Chi Minh together with Sport Newspapers of Hochiminh city have actively responded to the policy guidelines on sport socialization by the Party and State to sports activities and always combined with various domestic main sponsors and overseas main sponsors such as Lam Son Lacquer Company (1987 – 1988 – 1989), IBC International Beverage Company – PEPSI COLA (1994), SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd (1995 – 1996 – 1997 – 1998 – 1999 – 2000), SAIGON TOURIST (2002 – 2003), FICO COTEC (2004), PHUC LONG Plaza (2005), IBO (2006), M – Kitech (2007 – 2008), VNPT 7 BERJAYA (2009), VIETSOVPETRO (2010 – 2011), Vietcombank (2012), PETROSETCO (2014 – 2015), TON DONG A Corporation (2016) and with some other companies who have been sponsoring the tournament for many years such as VIETCOMBANK – BONDAY,  EMICO Vietnam Co., TAKE service and trading Co. Ltd., …   

Media companies that have been participating throughout the tournament, sponsoring information to the numerous table tennis’s fans such as Thể Thao Ho Chi Minh City Newspaper, Ho Chi Minh City Television and newspapers, other magazines such as: Tuoi Tre, Thanh Nien, Sai Gon Giai Phong, Công An Ho Chi Minh City, Nhan Dan Newspaper, Doanh Nhan Cuoi Tuan Newspaper…     

For the Golden Racket International Table Tennis Tournament, professionalism is shown clearly in cash prizes as well as number of international participating teams which has increased higher and higher from 8th – 1994 event to the following ones. The Organizing Board has also invited senior officials of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) such as Mr. Yap Yong Yip (Vice President of the International Table Tennis Federation), Mr. Tony Yue – Honorary General Secretary of Asian Table Tennis Union (ATTU) – Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Youth of ITTF and many leaders, presidents, general Secretary of Table Tennis Associations in regional area ….to attend them.

To encourage and acknowledge the contribution to the process of organizing the Golden Racket International Table Tennis Tournament continuously for 30 years; People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has awarded many times for Ho Chi Minh city Table Tennis Federation and Ho Chi Minh City Sports newspaper. Especially, in the occasion of the 30th founding anniversary of the tournament, Vietnam Olympic Committee also awarded related agencies and individuals who have contributed for 30 years successfully hosted the Golden Racket International Table Tennis Tournament.          

The founders and organizers:

1.  Department of Sports of Ho Chi Minh city (Now the Department of Culture – Sports and Tourism of Ho Chi Minh City)

2.  Table Tennis Federation of Ho Chi Minh city.

3.  Sports Newspaper of Ho Chi Minh City.

Steering and supporting Agencies:

1.  Sports and Physical Education Committee (now the General Department of Sports and Physical Education under the Ministry of Culture and Sport – Tourism)

2.  Southeast Asia table tennis Federation.

3.  Vietnam Table Tennis Federation.

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